Tips To Improve Your Video Marketing Strategy On Instagram

According to Zariance, 347,222 scrolls are made on Instagram every 60 seconds on a global scale. It is estimated that around one billion users log into the platform every day. Up to seven out of 10 hashtags on the site are branded by a marketing strategy.

Social networks are one of the most important platforms for digital marketing. Initially, these channels are crucial to help spread the word about brand campaigns and activations. Likewise, they can be used to improve the branding strategy for the company. Even without targeted content, these sites are crucial in establishing a communication bridge with consumers. And, of course, they are great for content.

However, it is important to note that not all social networks are the same. Each one has its own particular characteristics and advantages. Instagram is no exception. According to Lyfe, it is particularly effective for direct-to-consumer sales, as a third of users have used it for this purpose. points out that, due to its complex system of influencers, it allows a marketing strategy perfectly focused on a target profile.

But within Instagram itself, there are a number of tools and content that companies can exploit. By 2020, video marketing will be crucial to power sales and improve brand reputations. Not only because since 2019, but a positive trend was also being seen. Also, due to the strong investment of Instagram in its IGTV unit. Do you want to reinforce your technique for next year? We recommend these tips:

Consider tutorial Videos

Many companies despise the value of a tutorial video. But it is a very valuable marketing strategy for a number of reasons. On Instagram and other platforms, this content tends to be very viral. In addition, since users consider that the best resources are those where they learn or are informed about something, they have a high impact rate. 

By 2021, your company should consider implementing these types of materials. Many may don’t know how to create tutorial videos. Actually, there are many tools available to help you. I uploaded many of these kinds of videos on my Instagram by using FlexClip video maker. It has many templates to save time and money.

Finding a balance between transparency and commercial

Instagram users, like any other social network, do not like to consume advertising. Rather, they are interested in consuming content. At the same time, audiences are also tired of being “duped” by brands for sales purposes. Thus, companies must achieve a balance in their video marketing between both desires. It is important that, in addition to making the commercial objective of the material clear, it is not too promotional.

Reduce comparisons to rivals in marketing

One of the preferred tools of brands, when promoting their products, is to compare themselves with the competition. This technique is attractive, as it fulfills the double objective of enhancing one’s own advantages and making others look bad. However, these clashes are not always welcomed by audiences. In addition, it also means advertising free to companies that are in the market, so it can be negative.

Have moderate use of hashtags

Lots of people on Instagram fill their content with these resources, hoping to have a wider impact. Unfortunately, many companies also make this mistake. When these practices are followed, you run the risk that the video marketing strategy will be perceived as spam in many of these categories. It is preferable to choose a limited number of labels that allow you to make the most of the impact of the audiovisual material.

Offer a varied marketing strategy

A mistake that is also common and that will be unforgivable on the way to 2020 will be having a limited number of options in the audiovisual strategy. Instagram is a space where a great variety of consumers converge. Each of them has different interests. In this sense, it is preferable that each content is different from the previous one. Although all are part of a unified activation, the variety of themes and styles is the key to future success.