The Exclude User Feature is Out for Notifier!

Notifier allows you to track your brand mentions and keywords across various platforms to improve your marketing and sales results. This is also called social monitoring, which allows brands to respond to mentions effectively, handle queries promptly and use the data to improve marketing strategies. 

However, you may be coming across irrelevant searches while setting up your searcher on Notifier. The world wide web is used by millions of people and your search term might be showing up irrelevant results. 

If you’ve been facing this problem and have complained then worry no more. We take your feedback seriously. We have just launched the exclude user feature on Notifier. 

What is the Exclude User Feature?

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The exclude user feature is a new update to our tool that allows you to exclude users and/or websites from your active searcher that are not relevant to what your search is about. This allows you to refine your search and only get results from websites and users that are directly related to the search terms you set up. 

How to Use The Exclude User Feature

To use the exclude user feature in Notifier simply log into your Notifier account and click on view results on your active searcher, as shown below:

In the next window, you can scroll down to find your search results. When you come across results from a website that is completely irrelevant, you can simply click on the prohibited sign at the bottom of the result that says exclude results from user and then click on exclude

As you click on exclude, you will get a confirmation message as shown below that confirms that the result from that source won’t show up again.

How Will it Help You

The exclude user feature is helpful in removing results from irrelevant sources that do not relate to your search term, brand or industry. Sometimes, unrelated posts are tagged under the keyword you may be searching for. In that case as well, it is useful to exclude those results. 

This will help you in refining your search results and view only those that are relevant so that you’re able to extract the insights you’re looking for. 

Updates to Look Forward to 

The next update we’re working on with the exclude user feature on Notifier is adding the functionality to view the user’s insights that you’ve excluded from the searcher.

Another exciting feature that we’re working on is the private message on match feature which will come out soon. It is another frequently requested feature and will appear in the advanced searcher options. 

The private message on match feature is still under development. However, it will look something like this: 

This will further include a subject line and it does support spinning the content, which will allow you to vary the message you send. Another default option will allow you to skip users who you have already messaged. 

This can be a very useful feature for your marketing efforts as we’ve been seeing excellent results. Especially, when you want to get the word out for your product/service. 

Let us know if you’re using the exclude user feature and any feedback you have for us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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