Regex support is coming soon and it will give you unlimited power!

That’s right! We are in active development of this much requested feature and it should be delivered by the end of December!

What are Regular Expressions?

“Regular expressions are a small domain specific language for pattern matching (and replacement) in strings of text.” – Me

That doesn’t help. Give me an Example, bro!

Say you have this text string appearing in a reddit comment.

People do not realize just how violent pandas really are! Pandas are probably one of the most dangerous animals in the world. They hunt in packs, are trained ninjas, and simply do not respect law and order.

You could match that string with this regular expression:


The regular expression above effectively means match the text that is “pandas” and then any character, followed by the string “dangerous”.

Isn’t that Useless?

Now of course this is just an arbitrary example but with regular expressions you can easily build much more complex pattern matching algorithms Notifier for Reddit will be able to interpret and match upon for you.

How can I learn this power?

File:Is It Possible to Learn This Power.jpg

So keep in tune to our blog and newsletter because we are actually going to be doing some basic tutorials On the basics of regular expressions and getting started with them in general and especially in Notifier for Reddit!

If you want to learn more now though we recommend this fantastic online regular expression tester:

Regex is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural

Be warned though!

Regular expressions, while a concise and powerful mini programming language, are highly addictive. We suggest you start small and build from there.

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