Our New Free Reddit Stats Page

A great new feature that we have released is our new Reddit Stats page. This is a fun and free new feature that anyone can use. You can access it from our landing page by clicking on the Reddit Stats link.

This is where once can access Reddit Stats from the landing page

If you are in a web application, you can access it from the Reddit Stats link that is also at the top right-hand corner inside the dashboard.

This is where one can access Reddit Stats page in the web application dashboard
Web Application

This Reddit Stats page currently shows the most popular subreddits over the past 24 hours. and that is determined by the number of posts or by the number of comments.

This is the Reddit Stats page where you can view the most popular subreddits over the past 24 hours


On the left-hand side table, you will see a list of all the subreddits We’re currently doing the thousand top subreddits but let us know if you’d like to see all and we can figure out a way to make that happen with pagination or possibly some other lazy loading technique.

Post and Comments

By default, it will show the subreddits with the most comments over the past 24 hours and if you click on Posts, you can filter by a subreddit with the most post and vice versa.

This is where you can navigate to show the most popular subreddits in the past 24 hours by either the most number of post or most number comments.

Now as I said before, this shows for the past 24 hours but soon we’re going to be adding functionality to switch not only for the past 24 hours but other time periods as well so just let us know what other time periods you would like to see. We’re thing of past 48 hours, past week, past month and possibly longer as our data set continues to build up. Now if you click on any of the subreddits names here, it will take you to a new tab to that subreddit on Reddit so you could take a look at it.

This shows how one can click on a particular subreddit to take you to a new tab that will allow one to view that subreddit on the Reddit page

Keep in mind that this feature is definitely in data so you may encounter issues or the design is not completely finalized so expect us to continue improving and making that better. Most importantly, we would like your feedback on other interesting statistics that you would like to see. Our application is always constantly looking at Reddit and we look at every single object that is created on Reddit. With that in mind, just let us know what other use cases for these statistics that you would like to see. Some other things we’re thinking about is most popular users on Reddit over certain time periods and also analyzing each subreddits individually to come up with or show the best time to comment or post on those subreddits basically at traffic analysis. So let us know if think of some other interesting use cases.

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