New Features We Rolled Out!

Quick summary of what we have rolled out:

  • Stripe checkout migration
  • Charts to view searcher results over time
  • Table view for results

Coming soon:

  • Twitter (1-2 weeks away now)
  • Affiliate Program!
  • Instagram

More Details

Stripe Checkout Migration

We have now upgraded our Stripe checkout process to use the new version of Stripe Checkout. this means that the checkout process now entirely happens on Stripe:


We had been meaning to do this for a while and the fact that we are adding an affiliate program helped motivate us to get it done now.  You can find more details about the affiliate program below.

Another advantage of upgrading to this new stripe checkout process is that customers can now easily switch plans, get invoices, add Tax ids and a lot of other features all from within the Stripe Hosted Customer Portal. 


We have now added charts to show the trends of your Searchers results over time. Keep in mind this feature is in beta.  

Also keep in mind that it currently shows your Searchers match count all the way back to the creation of that searcher.  This may conflict with what you see in the results dashboard as we are currently keeping only 30 days of results (let us know if you think we should keep longer, etc).


Results Page – Table View

Using a “card based view” (great for mobile) versus a “table based view” (great for quickly scanning data on a desktop) in order to view your results was actually a big debate we had and we never could decide on what the best approach was!

So, we said, why not both!?

You can now toggle between a table based view or a cards based View.

Keep in mind that the results view is still very much in beta and we are going to be adding a lot of great new features and improving the design a lot over the next few months!

Twitter – Coming soon

 So, we are actually very close to adding support for Twitter!  This feature should be finished within the next one to two weeks I estimate.

This is an older meme Sir, but it checks out

It was actually a lot easier than we expected as Twitter does some of the work for you. the only thing different about Twitter is that we will need you to authorize our app in order to access your Twitter account and do the searching on your behalf. This is because of the rate limits and limitations that Twitter imposes on its API.

You may actually notice that we already have the connect with Twitter Page in the dashboard.   This is not a final location.

Affiliate program – coming soon

We will soon be launching a great new affiliate program!

For every customer you refer, you’ll get a recurring 30% commission. In other words, you’ll earn a commission every month for as long as someone you refer remains a member.

You do not even need to be a Notifier customer to join our Affiliate program.

I like to say it’s like having a SaaS without having to do all the hard dev work! 🙂


Yes, we will soon be adding some support for Instagram. Like the Facebook API they limit a lot of what you can do. But we have found some interesting things that we think some people may want to get alerted about. More details about this soon!!

Soon, we will be doing more than just social listening

 Finally we’re working on a lot of exciting new features both on the social listening front as well as some interesting new features as we continue to branch out Notifier and extend it beyond just the social listening space! 

The idea is that in the future Notifier could be a platform for getting Notifier about many different types of things you care about across the internet!

So, keep that idea in mind and keep sending us great ideas on other things you want to get Notified about!!

Tired of wasting valuable time on Social Media? Let us Notify you of the opportunities you can’t afford to miss while you focus on what you do best!

Check out our short demo and then click on one of the buttons to get started: