New Features:, Slack, and Viewing Results in the Dashboard

So this week we rolled out several new features for Notifier and we have MANY more in the works! Including an exciting fun and free feature for Reddit Users that we have been beta testing on Reddit for the past week. All we can say about this feature is that if you like Vision you may also like this feature.


  • Support – The social network for everyone’s favorite crustaceans
  • Incoming Slack Webhooks
  • Viewing Results in dashboard – Very much in beta

Now remember, all these features should be considered in BETA. Bugs may be encountered!

More info below:

Where did this site come from?

Well, no one knows. Possibly not true but I am too lazy to research.

But you can think of it as a harder to get into Hacker News. It’s very dev focused, etc.

The name is because the site was actually coded by a Lobster. Also very likely not true. I hope.

We added support for it based on user requests on Reddit. We also need an invite actually for this site so if anyone has one then feel free to pass it on.

Slack Incoming Webhook Support

You can now get alerts via slack incoming webhooks. You just give us the webhook url and we will deliver the results to it.

This should help fill the gap until we get an actual Slack App created.

Viewing results in the dashboard

This one is very much experimental and a lot of improvements will be made to it over the next few months. We want to make this an easy way for you to scan and review your results. It’s very likely that you will be able to delete results that are irrelevant and possibly save results that you want to save.

We may even make it possible for you to make the results of a searcher publicly viewable in order to easily share with others your data.