New Email Format and More!

If you have gotten an alert email in the past hour you may have noticed that our emails have a new look! We purchased and implemented email templates from We are going to be writing a review of the templates but in short we highly recommend them.

HTML Emails Are a Beast

So, if you are not aware writing HTML emails that are compatible with all browsers and responsive across all screen sizes is a real beast to deal with!

One problem we have with our old templates is that even though they were advertised as being cross email client compatible we found out in the end that there were a lot of issues with Outlook and they didn’t look good when displayed on mobile.

We have tested these new templates with Outlook desktop and Outlook mobile and we are happy to say that they look exactly the same on everything we have been able to test them on so far!

New Email Format on Desktop

New Email Format On Mobile

Emails that look good on multiple screen sizes and across multiple email client is obviously very important for a tool like Notifier where one of the primary interfaces our customers use is of course our email alerts.

Searcher Match Count and % increase/decrease (when compared to prior day) is now showing in the dashboard

This feature is going to be a complement to our new match trend chart that we are working on. We are actually already collecting and processing the data on the backend that we need for this new chart we just need to finalize the front end portion of it.

It will look something like this most likely:

But it will show the match counts per day for the life of your Searcher. That way you can quickly look at it and get a good idea of how the results for your keyword are trending over time.

Twitter Support is Coming Along Nicely

Support for social listening on Twitter is also coming along very nicely! We already have a prototype running and working and pulling the data needed for Twitter. Interestingly, Twitter makes things a lot easier than some other platforms by essentially doing some of the searching work for us. More details on this to come later though!

The Prototype of Our New Backlink Monitoring Tool is Working Well

We decided a few months ago that we do not want Notifier to just be a social listening tool!

So, we started thinking about it and there are a lot of different events and actions across the Internet that people are interested in getting notified about.

One of those is to monitor and get notified of changes to any links that are pointing to your site. Startups other online businesses put a lot of work into writing guest posts and doing outreach campaigns in order to get other sites to link to them!

So we thought it would be great if you could monitor high priority links to your site and Get Notified if those sites stop linking to you or the link changes in any way! There are some services that do this already but we wanted to see if we can do it better and offer a competitive alternative.

We have already written the backend prototype for this tool and we are pleased to say that it’s working well.

We are even considering writing a small chrome extension to go along with this tool to make it easy to add new links to monitor right from within the chrome interface without ever leaving it!