Matching Whole Words on Notifier for Reddit

The Internet was built for cats

I rolled out a quick new feature for Notifier for Reddit!

You can now select only to match whole words (and not partials) by inserting a space before and after the word. Prior to this the white space before and after a string was being removed.

This allows you to match cats and not catskills for example.

This feature was requested by a user when he text messaged me:

iphone-N0Mt - Fake Text Message

Okay okay…

So he actually emailed me.

And he wasn’t actually looking for cats but for something else. The point is though that you should definitely reach out to me like he did if you have more features you want added!

How to match whole words on Notifier for Reddit

For example, to match cats and not catskills simply enter a space before and after the word.

So, using _ to represent a space, to match only the whole world cats you would enter _cats_ in the search string.

Have a feature you want or need help?

Feel free to reach out to me with the below methods:

  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Chat with Me on Reddit
  3. PM Me on Reddit
  4. Subscribe to our Subreddit

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