How to Track Reddit Username Mentions

Reddit is a hugely popular social networking platform that focuses on exchanging news and photographs. Reddit users, commonly known as “Redditors,” are frequent visitors to the site. Redditors identify themselves by a given name or title; this is their Reddit username.

Reddit has been working hard to improve its platform and make it more customer and business-friendly. Due to the expanded usage and immense popularity among socially witty individuals, keeping a track of you and your company can be a very beneficial service. Doing so manually is tough to achieve but there are various tools like Notifier that can assist you in this job. You can keep track of your username mentions using a variety of manual and automated methods.

Ways to Track Username 

To monitor your username, you can either search directly by simply using Google or utilize an automated tool like Notifier.

  1. Google Tracking

Optimized Google searches are one of the easiest ways to identify Reddit mentions. This allows the user to search for keywords across Reddit or narrow down your search to subreddits.


This is a simple way to locate them, but it may not meet the requirements of a solid, responsive marketing campaign. It does not provide a lot of benefits to its users except that it is a simple and free-of-cost technique.


  • The greater the number of mentions, the more difficult it will be to monitor them.
  • Searches across the entire site don’t reveal anything about the background of mentions.
  • More sophisticated monitoring (for example, subreddit monitoring) necessitates repeating the method many times for various variables, which is time-consuming (and dull!)

Overall, the manual method is better suited for companies or keywords that are used occasionally. On the other hand, tracking mentions of a highly popular brand  — even a moderately popular one — will take a significant amount of your time as the number of mentions grows on Reddit.

  1. Tracking Via Notifier

Notifier is a useful monitoring tool that, in addition to its other features, allows you to track Reddit usernames. This involves only a few simple steps from logging into your account, selecting Reddit from add search, and adding your username in the word search bar. When your monitored username is referenced, you will be notified.

Additionally, it can also be used to track keywords and mentions on various social media sites.

Benefits of Username Tracking

Brand Awareness

Individuals that use Reddit are more efficient in producing responses and detecting trends, therefore username monitoring on Reddit may be quite valuable for businesses. As a result, you will receive a more immediate reaction, which will assist you in determining whether or not what your brand is doing is popular among consumers. This can act as a headstart for your company.

Customer Feedback

The main goal of corporate tracking is to please your consumers and evaluate their feedback so that you can react and satisfy them in time before your company suffers a crisis.

Crisis Management

Monitoring a brand name not only helps to avoid a crisis but also helps with the process leading up to one. If you receive negative customer feedback, you can either handle the situation by communicating with the customer or correcting the flaw in the company’s operations.