How To Tell If You’ve Been Muted On Twitter

Not liking tweets from someone? You can simply mute them without causing a scene. However, you can also be on the receiving end of this feature and if you’re wondering how to tell if you’ve been muted on Twitter, this blog is here to help you. 

Social media platforms can sometimes become difficult to navigate. While Twitter is great to join conversations and stay on top of trends and news, it can also become overwhelming at times. Keeping that in mind, Twitter gives its users many options to personalize their experience and this includes the “mute” option. 

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What Does “Muting Someone” Mean on Twitter?

On Twitter, muting someone is the equivalent of “hiding posts” from someone on Facebook. You don’t block or unfollow them but you simply mute them. By doing this, their tweets no longer show on your Twitter feed. 

It’s a neat way to personalize your experience without sabotaging your relationships. Muting an account also leaves the door open to communicate via DMs. On the contrary, blocking someone limits their ability to directly message you in addition to being unable to view your Twitter content. 

How To Tell If You’ve Been Muted On Twitter?

If you’re curious about whether someone has muted you on Twitter, then sorry to tell you but there’s no way to find that out, at least not directly. Twitter respects the privacy of its users and allows them to personalize their experiences as they like. So, it’s next to impossible how to tell if you’ve been muted on Twitter. 

However, there may be a workaround for it and while it’s not the best one, you can still try. Since a user does not receive notifications from an account they have muted. In order to find out if you’ve been muted on Twitter, you can go to their timeline, and type out a tweet in reply to a general one that will prompt them to respond or at least like your tweet. 

Not receiving any response could mean that you’ve been muted since they would have received no notification for it. This is a long shot and does not work with accounts that have a large following and generally do not respond to tweets. 

Another way you can tell if you’ve been muted on Twitter is through Tweetdeck. Here are the steps to find out:

  1. Open Tweetdeck and go to “add column”
  1. From the next screen that pops up, add a “home” column 
  1. Add the person you suspect has muted you. This will show you all their tweets and retweets
  1. Next, you can tweet to all your followers and monitor that particular home column. Your tweet should show up there. If it doesn’t, chances are you are muted. 

You can do this for each person separately to find out whether you have been muted by them. 

Somethings that you should know about the mute option:

  • Muting an account does not automatically unfollow them
  • You can follow muted accounts and they can follow you
  • Muted accounts can send you a DM
  • You no longer receive SMS or push notifications from muted accounts
  • Replies and mentions by muted accounts that you follow will appear in your notifications tab
  • All the tweets from muted accounts that you follow, even those from before you muted them will be removed from your timeline
  • When you join a conversation from muted accounts that you follow, their replies will be visible 
  • Any replies and mentions from muted accounts that you do not follow will not appear in your notifications tab
  • You will receive notifications in a conversation from a muted account you do not follow, from only those who follow and mention you. 
  • Replies from a muted account that you do not follow will not be visible in a conversation
  • A “this tweet is unavailable” message appears for an account that you have muted when an account that you haven’t muted retweets them. 

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How to Mute Someone on Twitter

Now that you know how to tell if you’ve been muted on Twitter, here’s a quick guide on how to mute someone on Twitter:

You can mute someone on Twitter simply by clicking the more icon from the tweet and selecting the mute option, as shown below:

You can also mute them from their profile. Click the more icon from their profile page and select the mute option. Here is how:

If you wish to unmute someone, you can do so in the same way from their Twitter profile. 

How to Manage Muted Accounts

To view and manage your muted accounts, you can follow the steps below:

  1. On the navigation menu on the left of your profile, click more 
  1. Then go to Settings and privacy
  1. Go to the privacy and safety settings and then go to mute and block
  1. Click on muted accounts, and from there you can mute or unmute the accounts

After you know how to tell if you’ve been muted on Twitter you can also check how many people blocked you on Twitter. These options are in place by Twitter to better manage your online experience and engage in healthy conversations. 

You can mute someone for several reasons and it’s quite okay to do so. You can always unmute them after a while and they wouldn’t know a thing. The feature helps you to maintain your followers without having your Twitter feed spammed or too crowded. 

One of the reasons you may want to mute someone is because their tweets could be causing you to miss other important ones. Other reasons can include controlling the spam and troll content on Twitter. It is much easier to mute an account than engage in useless banter with them. 

Maintaining and growing follower count is still an important metric in the social media world, and so the mute option is great without affecting your follower count. You can keep the accounts you don’t even like and not engage with their content, without having to unfollow them.

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