How To Post Multiple Pictures On Twitter

When you run out of words on Twitter, you can express yourself in pictures. After all, pictures speak louder than words. 

Pictures are shared for various reasons and if you’re confused about how to post multiple pictures on Twitter, this article covers everything in detail below. 

How To Post Multiple Pictures on Twitter

You can post multiple pictures on Twitter by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Sign in to your Twitter account 

Step 2: On the homepage, you can click “tweet” from the panel on the left or type your tweet on the top of the page where it asks “what’s happening?”

Step 3: Click on the “media” icon and select up to 4 pictures you’d like to share and then click “open”

Step 4: You can add separate descriptions for all the pictures also known as alt-text

Step 5: Once everything is in order, click tweet and you’re done. 

You can only share up to 4 pictures in one Tweet. If you have more to share, you can do so in another tweet. Now you know how to post multiple pictures on Twitter through your desktop. 

If you’d like to share multiple pictures on Twitter through your android or iOS then you can follow the same steps on the Twitter app on your phone. 

What is Alt-Text?

Once you are clear on how to post multiple pictures on Twitter, you may be wondering what is alt-text. So, let us shed some light on it as well. Alt-text refers to the description of a photo. It precisely describes what the picture is about. 

This short description makes the photos accessible to more people including those with low vision or who are blind. A good alt-text will accurately define the context of the picture. 

Tips To Post Multiple Pictures on Twitter

When you share multiple pictures on Twitter you can also tag up to 10 Twitter accounts. Tagging means that they will receive a notification for your tweet and likely increase engagement if they respond. 

Another thing that you can do is add a location.  When posting your pictures on Twitter make sure that the pictures are less than 5 MB and in GIF, JPEG, or PNG file format. Any picture files in BNP or TIFF format are not accepted by Twitter. 

Also keep in mind that when you share media on Twitter in a public Tweet, the pictures will show up in Twitter search results. However, if the photos were added to a protected Tweet then they will not show in Twitter search. Also, any photos that were deleted will also not show up in Twitter search.

Sharing pictures on Twitter is a great way to interact with your followers and increase engagement. You can increase the outreach by including alt-text on all the pictures and tagging relevant accounts. 

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