How To Make Your Twitter Name Blank

Everyone on Twitter is identified by their unique username however, your Twitter name can be customized among other features of your profile. You can put symbols, change the font or add emojis among other customizations. 

What’s In A Name?

Your name on Twitter is used to identify you on the platform after your username. It is also referred to as “display name” and is visible along with your username. You can change your display name on Twitter at any time and it can be up to 50 characters.

How To Make Your Twitter Name Blank

Now if you’re wondering how to make Twitter name blank, there is a way to do that as well. If you’re thinking you can just leave it blank and save it, then that isn’t the case. 

Until you type something in the box, Twitter will not let you save it. So, here are the steps you can follow on how to make Twitter name blank:

Step 1: Log into your Twitter account

Step 2: Click on “profile” and then go to “edit profile”

Step 3: Paste the symbol between the inverted commas in the name box: “ ً” and then click “save” 

This is how the symbol should appear in the box. After you click save your Twitter display name will be blank. 

To get this symbol, make sure you remove the inverted commas before clicking save. You can follow the same steps to change your Twitter name any way you like. 

How to Change Username On Twitter

Now you know how to make Twitter name blank. You can also change your username if you have become bored with it and want a new one. The username is the name followed by the symbol “@” and is also called “Twitter handle”.

If you’re wondering how to change your username on Twitter, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: On your Twitter profile click “more” and then “settings and privacy”

Step 2: Under “your account”, go to “account information”

Step 3: You’ll be asked to verify your password

Step 4: After verifying your password you can then go to “username” 

Step 5: Type in the username you’d like and click save. You can also consider Twitter’s username suggestions.

Remember that your username can only contain letters, numbers, and underscore without any spaces. A username must be more than 4 characters and can only be up to 15 characters long. People can search you on Twitter using your Twitter handle and so it is unique to your account. Twitter will not let you use a username that has already been taken. 

To sum it up, this is a neat little trick you can use to make your Twitter display name blank. The good thing is you can try it for a while and then change it back any time you like. However, your name on Twitter adds to your credibility and helps build trust with your community. The best way to build your profile on Twitter is to show up as authentically as you can.