How to make a ride-hailing app like Uber? Complete roadmap


What if we lived in a world where cars are not expensive and are of low maintenance? Sadly, that is not how the technological world works right now. Uber has gained popularity over the years and stands tall amongst its competitors. Buying a car involves a lot of expenditure. Maintenance is another task. You have to keep checking for scratches, dents, tire punctures. You have to keep your head cool if you own a car and its engine heat increases rapidly. You would have to shell a lot of money and leave your pocket crying for help because there is no money left.

Pitching rides and using cab services are more advantageous in certain aspects in terms of money-saving and freedom from spending money on car care. Apps like uber take you to a destination in one tap. The revenue generation of the riding app has reduced significantly in the past year due to Covid-19 and is expected to elevate in a few years. 

Still, the earnings of the riding apps are high. The first step is to create a proper app. So, how does one create a riding app? And what advantage can it bring?

They first require to set a niche that would work and bring more sales. There will be heavy competition, and the only way to tackle it is through the creation of intelligent strategies and weaving unique ideas. 

Basics of ride-hailing apps

Ride-hailing apps act as a medium between two people: The driver and the traveller, and connect them. The traveller first requests for a ride, and the app sends a notification requesting a driver in the nearby area to accept or reject the ride. The traveller then receives a notification if the request gets accepted. There is an inbuilt ability in the app that shows the traveller where their assigned driver is located at the moment. As the driver picks up and drops the traveller to the destination chosen by him, the destination route gets to be tracked throughout the journey, and finally, the ride ends.

Where does the money come from?

Apps earn money through various sources. They can be:


Riding apps like uber charge both the parties- ie. The rider and the driver. Most of the income generated will be through charging commission from the driver. The riding apps help the drivers generate business. Hence, they charge 20-35% per cent of their earnings. The rider pays his riding fees, cancellation fees or any miscellaneous fee that gets added up to solidifying their revenue.

Sponsored Ads

The traffic in the riding apps will boom as there are going to be thousands of users every day. Taking advantage of this fact, the companies can advertise on this platform to gain more reach. Many discounts may be given through collaborations by two or more companies. 

How to become popular through the launch of the best ride-hailing apps like Uber?

Apps such as Rapido offer bike taxi services in India and have gained popularity in a short period due to the convenience factor. Uber has gained popularity for its affordability and easy accessibility. The cost is to be paid on the basis of distance travelled. A London based start-up called HYPR offers luxury car riding services.

Easy and simple as it sounds, there will be a need for unique ideas and initiatives. Focus on creating a niche that can distinguish your service from the other platforms. For example, the idea need not revolve around the cab at all. You may offer to plant one tree for every cab ride that is booked. This will showcase your concern towards preserving the environment and will also hinder the harm it goes through whilst capturing more customers. 

How to launch an app like Uber? Points to remember 

Important features to be included in the App- For riders, drivers and admin


This feature enables the rider to request a ride

Offering multiple kinds of vehicle style is a huge plus

The rider may choose to pay in cash or through cash, a card or a payment gateway. Including online payment, modes have become a must in this digital world

A route tracker that enables the ride requester to find where the driver is at that given moment, and once while travelling, showing their live location and destination should be added.


This is needed to inform the driver a request has been made and give the option of accepting or rejecting 

This feature enables the driver to drop the rider at the right location

The driver, through this feature, gets to know the right amount to charge

Reviews and rating show portray the quality of the service provided


The admin app is designed to monitor the activity of the drivers and riders. It contains all their information inscribed in the system and can help in reframing business ideas.


Brainstorm, implement ideas, research, create strategies, put them to test and check for corrections. If the idea of creating an on-demand taxi app demands your heart and will to try, go ahead. You may turn out to be the next of the big giants. 

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