How To Make A Living As A Vlogger

Vloggers are everywhere. A quick search of YouTube will show you millions of vlogs in every niche imaginable. While it’s hard to make money as a vlogger, there are plenty of people who have done it successfully and turned it into an actual career. Here are some tips on how to make money with your own channel:

Evolve your mission

It’s important to stay true to your mission and brand, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stagnant. If you find that a certain kind of content is getting more attention than another type, consider changing things up in order to grow as an artist. Be willing to experiment with different formats and styles; you never know when one of those experiments will catch on.

Find a niche

Let’s start with the basics. You should have a topic in mind before you start making videos on that topic.

You can be passionate about anything, but it’s important to make sure your passion is something you can talk about for a long time without getting bored or going off on tangents too often. This will help keep things interesting for your viewers and allow them to get more out of each video than if they only had thirty seconds of content to watch.

Your knowledge of the subject should be thorough enough for people to respect what you’re saying and learn something from it, as well as for them to find it entertaining to watch someone so knowledgeable discuss their area of expertise on camera and impart their knowledge to others who may not know much about it yet but are curious enough to listen to you until the end.

Create a schedule and stick to it

The key to being successful as a vlogger is to have a schedule and stick to it. When you have a schedule, you can be more efficient with your videos and know when they will be released. You can then build up an audience of people who look forward to seeing your content on YouTube, which means more views and subscribers. This will help grow your audience because viewers will know exactly when the next video is coming out, giving them time to watch it before moving on with their day.

When making this schedule for yourself, consider how many new videos you’d like to post per week or month, taking into account how much time it takes to film or edit each one, as well as everything else that goes into running a channel. It is critical not only to meet deadlines, but also to maintain high quality standards throughout all stages of video production. 

Make your videos “snackable.”

When it comes to designing your videos, you need to consider the way that people consume content. A lot of people won’t watch a full video that goes longer than 10 minutes. They want their information in small chunks so they can easily digest it and move on with their day.

The best way to ensure that your audience will stay engaged is to make sure each clip has a clear beginning, middle, and end. If possible, use the hook method, where you introduce an idea at the very start of the video before backing up and explaining it more thoroughly as you progress through the video. This will keep them from losing interest before getting to what they came for: information about your topic.

Another tip for keeping viewers interested is having a catchy title for each specific episode or series; this will help with SEO (search engine optimization), which means more views for you.

Use appropriate thumbnail images.

One of the most important parts of your channel is the thumbnail image. This is the first thing viewers will see, so you have to make sure it’s going to attract them and get them to click on it.

The first step is to make sure that your thumbnail images are high quality, but this can vary depending on what type of vlogger you are. Make sure these images are relevant to the video itself, and don’t mislead viewers into thinking they will find something different than what they do when they watch it.

Invest in your equipment.

Invest in your equipment. As a vlogger, you’re going to need some basic equipment: cameras and microphones. You don’t have to buy expensive gear right away; instead, look for good-quality options at reasonable prices. The best way to find this out is by asking other people in your field what they recommend. Once you’ve got your equipment, make sure it works by testing it out before shooting anything important.

Invest in video editing software that includes a video converter feature, so that if you ever create a video podcast, you can convert it from Mp4 to Mp3. In this way, you can upload it to Spotify, which can give you another set of followers.

Be creative, entertaining and upbeat

You must be creative, entertaining, and upbeat. Your channel will be successful if you stay true to yourself and your audience. You should also make sure that the quality of your videos is high without being too technical.

You can use a variety of camera angles, lighting, and editing techniques when creating video content. You can also add music or sound effects to your videos to enhance their appeal. These elements will help you make more money as they encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and watch more videos posted on it.

Build hype for your next video

To build hype and anticipation, use social media to announce your next video. Share a teaser of it on Instagram or Twitter and ask fans to leave comments with their theories about what you’ll be covering in the new vlog. Another option is to create an Instagram story highlighting a specific aspect of your life, such as a new haircut or outfit—this will generate interest in your upcoming content while also giving readers something else to check out if they’re bored with the usual topics.

You can also use hashtags when posting about upcoming vlogs on social media. You’ll reach more people who may not necessarily subscribe to your channel but might be interested in learning more about your videos for themselves. You can also use tags like these when writing blog posts related to this topic!

Finally, don’t forget that building an audience takes time; you should expect slower growth than some other types of businesses because there’s no way around it—you just have to keep putting out quality videos consistently until people start taking notice.


Vlogging can be an incredibly lucrative business. You have to have a good understanding of your audience and what they want, but if you’re creative and entertaining, consistent, professional, authentic, and know how to promote yourself on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, then vlogging could be the perfect fit for you.