How to Give Reddit Silver

Reddit has several features that encourage and improve user satisfaction. One of such features is the Reddit award system. Users can give one another awards to express appreciation for an exceptional contribution to Reddit. When awarded, the awardee’s post or comment displays the award received. Furthermore, depending on the award, the user may get Reddit coins and other perks. Ironically, the silver award does not bestow the user with anything other than bragging rights. Nevertheless, it is still an important award showing expression of satisfaction, and this article explains how to give it. 

Giving the Reddit silver award

The Reddit silver award started as a gag among users, sharing a funny picture representing the Reddit silver to express satisfaction. However, Reddit picked up on it and adapted the award so users can now officially bestow the silver award. You should note that awards typically cost Reddit coins, and the silver award costs 100 Reddit coins. If you have as many coins, here are the relevant steps. 

Giving the award on Reddit desktop

The first step is to identify the comment or post you intend to award. If you want to award a post, you will find the option below the post among options to comment, share and save. Click on “Award.” This will reveal a pop-up showing the various kinds of awards. Navigate to the “Medals” category, where you will find the silver award alongside the gold, platinum, and other awards. 

Click on silver, select if you want to give the award anonymously, and add a complimentary comment if you desire. You can also see your coin balance to tell if you can afford it. Click next when you complete the process to give the award.

The steps are similar for comments. After finding the comment, look at the post options below and look for “Give award.” Click on it and follow the same steps as above. 

Giving the silver award on the mobile website

On the mobile website, the award option is represented by a small gift folder on the right, beneath the post. Click on it to access the awards box. At this point, the steps become the same as on the desktop version. Select the silver award and click send when you are done.

Categories of Reddit awards


Reddit gives moderators the ability to create community-specific custom awards. Redditors can also purchase these awards with Reddit Coins; when they do, a portion of the Coins is sent to the subreddit’s community bank. The moderators can access the community bank and use the coins to share mod-exclusive awards. 


Reactions are awards you share for comments that make you feel certain ways. For example, there is a Spit-take award for posts that figuratively or literally make you spit out your water. You can also give a Take my Energy award for comments that make you feel seen. 


Reddit previously only featured Silver, Gold, and Platinum awards, with silver being a joke award. However, Reddit has added two more medals that are more costly and ridiculous. The complete list of awards includes Silver, Gold, Platinum, Argentium, and Ternion All-Powerful.


Premium awards are only available to Reddit Premium members. They are often more flashy and shinier than other awards. 

Reddit coins

Reddit coins are a Reddit-based digital currency that users can use to buy Reddit gold or other awards, which they then award to comments and posts that they enjoy.

Purchasing Reddit coins

Reddit coins are not free unless you get awarded. It is easy to purchase Reddit coins; navigate to Reddit coin’s main homepage and buy them if you use the desktop version of Reddit. However, for mobile app users, simply click on your avatar after getting to your profile. Click on Reddit Coins, usually with a conspicuous gold-tone highlight on the page.

If you use the desktop browser, you can check your Reddit coin balance by clicking your username in the homepage’s upper-right corner. Alternatively, you can click on your avatar to view your coin balance on the mobile app.

On the flip side, if you find a comment or post of bad taste and do not want to see it again, you can always hide it. To hide a comment on the old desktop Reddit design, click on them from the options below the post. You can find it among other options like the number of comments, “Share,” “Save,” “Save,” “Give award,” “Report,” and “Crosspost.”

On the new desktop design, you have to click on the three-line icon after options like the comment numbers, “Award,” “Share,” and “Save.” Clicking on the icon will reveal two more options, including “Hide.” Selecting “Hide” will hide the post, sending it to your hidden section in your profile. 

Hiding posts require a different approach on the Reddit mobile website than desktop websites. To hide a post on the Reddit mobile website, click on the three-dot icon at the top-left corner right above the post. This will reveal a new window with several options, including “Permalink,” “More from xx,” “Save,” and “Hide.” Click on hide to send the post to your hidden folder.

The process for hiding posts on the mobile app version of Reddit is similar to the mobile website version. Likewise, click on the three-dot icon at the top-left corner right above the post. This will reveal a new window with several options, including “Share,” “Save,” “Copy text,” etc. Find “Hide” below “Block user” and click on it to hide the post.

You can also report a user if you believe the post or comment violates Reddit’s terms of use. To report offensive posts, you can simply look at the options below the offensive post. The options usually include the comment numbers “Award,” “Share,” and “Save.” Clicking on the icon will reveal two more options: “Hide” and “Report.” Clicking on “report” will report the post to Reddit. 

Reporting comments are very similar to reporting posts. Comments typically contain the same options below them, such as “Permalink,” “Embed,” “Save,” Report,” “Give award,” and “Reply” on the old Reddit website design and “Reply,” “Give Award,” “Share,” “Report,” “Save,” and “Follow.” on either platform, simply select “report” to report any relevant comment to Reddit. 

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