How To Follow A Hashtag On Twitter

Twitter is quite the popular social media platform to voice opinions, join a conversation and befriend like-minded people. How is it all accomplished, you wonder? Through Twitter’s famous hashtag feature. Let’s find out about hashtags and how to follow a hashtag on Twitter to your advantage.

As of June 2021, Twitter had 5.6 billion visits on its website throughout the world. It allows its users to post their thoughts in less than 280 characters, making it a unique concept. You can use a hashtag anywhere in your tweet to join the conversation. 

Twitter formally adopted hashtags in 2009 and today it features the most popular tags on the homepage under “trending topics”. 

Hashtags are nothing new. In fact, they were first used in Internet Relay Chat in 1988 to group similar conversations together and make them easier to search. Today Twitter hashtags are quite popular and used by individuals and brands for various advantages.

What’s In A Hashtag?

For anyone who’s unfamiliar with hashtags, they are defined by a string of unbroken words followed after a “#”. For example, #Adele30. Hashtags make it easy to search for all the tweets under a topic. 

By knowing how to follow a hashtag on Twitter, you can stay informed of developments in a conversation. For businesses, it’s a great way to connect with their audience. Twitter hashtags allow users to become visible, hence increasing reach.

Let’s Find Out How To Follow A Hashtag On Twitter?

Now, you may be wondering how to follow a hashtag on Twitter and stay informed of changes in that particular conversation? Here are four ways to do so:

  1. Save the Hashtag in Search on Twitter

To quickly access a hashtag so that you can view the latest updates, you can look it up and save it. Here’s how to follow a hashtag on Twitter by saving it in search:

  1. On the Twitter homepage search for a hashtag in the search bar
  1. As you press enter, all tweets in the topic will become visible
  1. You can click on the horizontal ellipses to view more options
  1. By clicking save search you can add it to your search list
  1. To view the recent conversation in your hashtags you can access them from the saved search list.

2. Saving it in Your Browser

Another way you can follow a hashtag on Twitter is by saving it in your browser. You can do this through the following steps:

  1. On your Twitter homepage, search the hashtag in the search bar
  1. Once you are on the hashtag search page, simply bookmark it in your browser
  1. Anytime you want to view the updates under the tag, you can open the bookmark

3. Using Tweetdeck 

Tweetdeck is a Twitter acquired app with various features. It connects to your Twitter account to effectively display and track information. Here’s how to follow a hashtag on Twitter using tweetdeck:

  1. Log into your Twitter account from Tweetdeck
  1. Under the “trending” column you’ll find popular hashtags and searches
  1. In the vertical column on the left side, click “+” to create a custom hashtag column
  1. Click search in the menu that appears next
  1. Type your hashtag in the search bar
  1. Select the hashtag you want to follow and you’ll be able to see its search results

4.Using a Third Party App Like

Lastly, you can use third-party apps that allow you to search and follow hashtags on Twitter. Some may be paid while others may be free. One of the tools that effectively lets you follow hashtags on Twitter is Notifier. 

Any time the keywords you select are mentioned online, you will receive a notification. This way, you won’t overlook any relevant updates for that keyword. 

This allows businesses to stay on top of the conversation. You can address the online mentions effectively and become part of conversations swiftly that will help market your business. 

How can Hashtags Help your Business?

After you have understood how to follow a hashtag on Twitter, you can use it to your advantage and make your business grow. Here’s how:

1.By holding a Contest

You can market and grow your business by holding a contest and using the hashtag to become discoverable, gain followers, retweets and business mentions. Most Twitter hashtags that are popular revolve around a weekly challenge. For example, you can take part in #mondaymotivation to stay relevant and gain visibility. 


By creating a particular hashtag, you can connect with customers and resolve their queries. Brands use this technique in different ways. You can create a follow for follow hashtag or one dedicated to answering customer questions. It’s a great way to get direct with clients and understand their point of view.

3.Holding a Twitter Chat

There is no better way for brands to understand their customers than creating a relevant hashtag and holding a conversation around the topic. As hashtags allow grouping of similar tweets, which may otherwise get lost, it’s an effective strategy to host a discussion. Twitter discussions can be effectively used when launching a new product, campaign or conducting market research.

4.Joining Relevant Discussions

Businesses can search for relevant hashtags on general topics relating to their line of work and use those to share valuable information. Using the hashtag when you share your content will help reach it to a larger audience and become visible.

Businesses can also join the conversation and show their support for social causes that align with their business ethics. Using the relevant hashtag can make brands more visible and gain customer trust. 

5.Gaining Business Insights

Once you learn all the ways on how to follow a hashtag on Twitter, you can choose the best one to gain business insights and competitive advantage. Notifier allows you to do just that. 

By searching keywords related to your business, you can quickly track potential problems and opportunities. You can also listen in on your competitors and analyse the right time to step in. Notifier will alert you on all the conversations happening on keywords you select. 

Some Tips on Using Twitter Hashtags

Once you’ve decided your strategy on how to follow a hashtag on Twitter, make sure to optimize its potential. For that, make sure you follow the tips below:

  • Choose a unique hashtag for your business 
  • Make sure it isn’t already used in a different context
  • The hashtag you choose should be relevant to your brand message
  • Make them easy to remember
  • Avoid using more than two hashtags in a messa

Hashtags on Twitter are a great feature for multiple reasons. Not only does it help find all the information on a topic in one place, it’s also a great way for brands to create and chase business opportunities. If you know how to follow a hashtag on Twitter, you can stay relevant, informed and create a genuine brand following.

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