How to delete your Reddit Account (and why that might not be enough)


Written Tutorial:

If you’re tired of Reddit and you want to delete your account, Reddit makes it suprisingly easy to do so.

The first thing you do is visit the Reddit main page in your desktop browser. From there, you will go to User Settings.

Reddit main page showing a drop-down menu where you can access User Settings

Next, scroll down to Deactivate Account and simply follow the instructions that you see on that page

User settings where you can navigate to delete your account

Another important thing to remember is that if you’re doing this for privacy reasons, perhaps you posted something that you don’t want to be out there, you need to keep in mind that because this is the internet, there are tools like Pushshift that are simply always crawling Reddit all the time collecting data a lot like what are tool does. Now we do not store data long term, we completely dump it after it’s been searched for keywords that our users are searching for. But tools like Pushshift keep that data long term and store it in the cloud so if you do have something that you truly want to try, and I say try because there may be other crawlers out there that are saving data that we don’t know about.

If you want to try to remove your data permanently from Reddit, then you would also need to reach out to Pushshift and request that they delete your data from their database as well. And the way you do that is you can message the guy who created Pushshift. Pushshift is an API that is storing all the Reddit data in almost realtime and pushing into a queryable data set in the cloud to where a lot of tools can kind of access these data, currently for free but maybe for paid in the future, we’ll see. But this was created by these Reddit users stuck in the matrix and in order to get your data deleted on Pushshift, you need to message him from the Reddit account that you want the data deleted from. If you deleted your Reddit account already, then there’s no way you can verify kind of who you are.

The pushshift subreddit that is hosted by a moderator and who you can reach out directly if you want to remove your data permanently from Reddit

And so that is how you delete your Reddit account and as I said, we recommend that people be very careful with what they post on the internet and you should always have the idea that what you post on the internet is forever. Once it’s posted, it’s going to on there so be careful with what you post and always assume if you post something, it’s likely being saved somewhere by someone.

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