How to Delete Mentions on Twitter

Twitter mentions are an important feature that allow brands to learn about their customers and increase engagement. Twitter users talk about everything under the sun and where it’s important to grab attention, they use @ followed by the username to let the user know they are referring to them. 

In the same way, they can tag your brand or mention it by name for various purposes. Customers today are not shy to voice their opinions online and find it easy to tag brands to let them know how they feel. 

These twitter mentions can be postitive or negative depending on consumer’s experience. Some users may mention a brand on Twitter to let them know they like their product/service while others may suggest improvements. 

Twitter mentions are also often used by Twitter users to call out brands when they’ve had a bad experience and the service/product was not up to the mark. 

In all these cases, it is important for brands to track their Twitter mentions and respond to them effectively. To do this conveniently, you can use a tool like Notifier that allows you to track your Twitter mentions especially when you’re not tagged. 

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How to Delete Mentions on Twitter 

However, sometimes you can start getting spam mentions or a user can just become abusive or malicious towards you. Engaging with such customers brings no fruitful result and in such cases it is better not to engage in that conversation online. 

To keep youself safe from such mentions and to keep your profile clean, it is better to delete them. Unfortunely, there is no way on Twitter to delete mentions. You can either mute, block or report them. 

However, if you still want to get to the bottom of the problem, you can try contacting the person privately to resolve the issue. You can request them to delete tweets that mention you. 

If that doesn’t work you can simply block or report the user. 

How to Block or Report Someone on Twitter 

To block or report someone on Twitter, you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Log into your Twitter profile 
  2. Go to notifications on the left-side panel on your profile homepage
  1. Click on mentions 
  1. Click on the three dots next to the tweet of the user you’d like to block and select the block option 
  1. Next, a pop up message will appear to confirm if you’d like to block them and you can click block to confirm

Blocking the person will remove all their tweets from your Twitter feed. They will also not be able to send you a message, view your tweets or follow your account any longer.

In the same way you can report the person as well. Twitter wants to understand the problem so make sure you select the closest possible reason to report them that falls in the given categories: 

If you don’t want to block or report an account, you can simply mute them through the same process. Muting an account will also remove their tweets from your feed and they won;t know you have muted them. You can unmute an account at any time. However, a muted account can still send you a DM.

So, in this way you can delete mentions on Twitter and keep your interactions and profile safe and healthy. To easily keep a track of your mentions on Twitter, sign up for a free Notifier here.