How Social Media Applications Help People Gain Stardom


If you have an account of social media applications like Instagram, Connected IndiaFacebook, etc., you must observe the way people share thousands of posts, images, and videos. While most of the content uploaded by social media users is personal and exposes their personal life, there are many people who post it for the sake of others. These people rose to fame just by sharing what the audience likes. They understand the likes and dislikes of their audience. 

You would also come across people who rose to fame by sharing catchy videos or by making funny videos on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok(currently banned in India). For these people, social media applications acted like a godfather. These applications helped them to reach fame and get a celebrity status. 

Almost none of these people have a background where their parents or close relatives were in this field. This is what makes it interesting. All these people rose to fame because of their hard work and determination. They began everything from scratch. While some of them got success years later, you would also come across social media personalities who rose to fame within a few days or months after uploading just one or two videos. 

Now you must be wondering how has social media applications made these people famous? What’s the secret that you do not know? What is the recipe to become famous such that people will start following you?

Well the answer is simple. There is no such secret or recipe to get fame through Social Media applications. However, there are some points that most of you might consider unimportant, but they have a greater significance. 

How Social Media Applications Build Stars?

Social Media applications connect millions of users worldwide. These applications give a solid platform to those users who love creating interesting content. Imagine you are a writer and want to share your poems, songs or even short stories, all you need to do is create a social media account or multiple accounts on different social media platforms. Once you have an account you can start uploading audio or video of your original compositions. 

If your content is unique, creative, and has the power to influence people, then there is hardly any hurdle that would stop you from gaining popularity. As mentioned above, Social Media applications enjoy millions of audiences everyday. Imagine thousands of people sharing your posts at the same time?

It would hardly take a few days for your content to become viral. This is the power of social media. However, there are two more things that play an important role.

  1. Promoting Your Content: You have to put in some efforts as well to promote your work on social media. If you think people will automatically get attracted to your posts, it might happen but is very uncertain. Hence, you must promote your content at different social media platforms that seem relevant to you. You may add stories to your Whatsapp or Facebook status, create campaigns and do an indefinite number of things to promote your content. 
  2. Keywords: Keywords play an important role. All the social media applications are built with algorithms that focus on keywords. For example, if most of the social media users are searching for funny videos in Delhi, using these words in your captions or status can help you attract more users. 

Many more things might come in your mind. But make sure you do things that are relevant. There are millions of social media users. Hence it becomes important for you to come up with content that is unique and can make you stand apart from the rest of the content creators.

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