How PES MyClub Guide Used Notifier to Market Their Website, Manage Feedback, and Build a Following


Bruno Brito built the website which an online guide for the game PES 2021.

He told us that leveraging Notifier was key part of what made his website successful!

How he did it

After he created the site, Bruno knew that he needed a way to market his website and to help him build the following and get feedback on what he built. In order to do that, he turned to Reddit and with the help of our tool Notifier for Reddit, he was able to easily build a following for his website.

Found Key Niche Subreddits

Bruno leverage Reddit by becoming active in several subreddits that dealt with the game he wrote a website about: PES 2021.

First He Got Permission to post from the Subreddit Mods

One key to Bruno’s approach that actually has nothing to do with Notifier is that he first got permission to post from one of the moderators of the subreddits that he was monitoring.

This is a key thing as a lot of communities will actually welcome self-promotion that they have approved.

Now one thing he could have done to sweeten the deal is to find a way to offer something to the moderators.

You don’t want to be blatant about it and just offer them straight cash although I guess that is an approach that some people could take, certainly not scalable.

But what you do want to try to do is perhaps if have a product you’re offering, you can offer them a free account in exchange for letting them post on your community.

There’s really no harm in reaching out to the moderators of these subreddits that you want to monitor and trying to build a following with them.

Like we said, this has nothing to do with Notifier but it’s a good key approach that we think is valuable.

Created Searchers for his website name to monitor these niche subreddit

The next thing that Bruno did is he created Searchers in the Notifier dashboard where the keyword was his website name

What that allowed Bruno to do is step back from his computer and not have to monitor Reddit all day in order to market his product and respond to customer feedback.

He was able to sit back and wait for the notification emails to come in where he can then respond immediately or at his leisure.

Responding quickly

It’s important to respond as quickly as possible to comments on Reddit because it’s been proven that the quickest reply or earliest reply to a post or comment is actually the most likely to get upvoted.

So by leveraging a social listening tool like ours that can alert you on average within 20-30 seconds of the object occurring on Reddit, you can be the person that jumps in and drives the conversation.

Other Approaches You can take

Now Bruno’s use case and usage of Notifier is the typical or quintessential use case that everyone thinks about.

You monitor for the mentions of your own product and then you respond when people mention it.

However, it may not actually be in our opinion, the most efficient way to market your product or get new customers. There are other approaches you can definitely take and you can combine them with Bruno’s approach.

Create your own subreddit about your Niche

Now as we said earlier in the article, Bruno reached out to the moderator of a subreddit in order to get their permission to post first. Now what if Bruno hadn’t been able to get permission from that moderator? What would he have done?

Well, what you can do can take longer but it may ultimately end up being even more valuable is you can create your own subreddit and you can use it to build a community on Reddit and you can use Notifier then to get monitored whenever keywords or mentions in that community you build.

It takes time, it can be a slow process but it can ultimately be the most rewarding in our opinion.

Monitor keywords your potential customers might mention

Now as we said Bruno monitored mentions of his product. What does this allow you to do? Well, whenever someone already knows about your product, you will know when they mention it. But we believe that the real way to build the following and find new customers is not to monitor just for mentions of your products but to also monitor for keywords that your potential customer might mention.

What does this mean?

Let say you have a website that reviews VPN products or maybe you actually are a VPN provide:

What you need to be using Notifier for is to monitor keywords like “looking for a good VPN” or maybe keywords like “VPN Recommendations“.

What these keywords will tell you is that a customer who does not know about your product is looking for information about products like yours and you can then jump in and quickly respond to market your product and potentially get a new customer.

You can also watch everything in a subreddit

Another approach you can take with Notifier is to monitor a subreddit in its entirety for any new post or comment that happens in it.

Now, this is a lot more labor-intensive on your part potentially but it can also be just as rewarding.

A similar example, say you have a VPN product or you are a VPN provider, what you could do is if you found a subreddit that exists about VPNs but you didn’t know any potentially good keywords that customers might mention, you could simply monitor that entire subreddit by inserting a * in the Notifier dashboard.

This will notify you of all new posts or comments on that subreddit.

Wrap Up

We highly recommend you check out Bruno’s website.

As usual, if you guys have any questions, feel free to respond back to us in the comments.

And if you have any interesting use cases that you are using Notifier for, then please reach out to us and let us know and we would love to feature your product, service and your use case on our blog.

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