Notifications of All New Posts (Or New Comments) in a Subreddit

Notifier for Reddit now supports what I am calling Subreddit Notifications! That is, you can now use the * character to find all posts, comments, or both for a Subreddit.

GIF Tutorial

Here is a quick GIF overview showing you how to enable subreddit notifications. Or you can check out step by step below.

Step by Step Instructions to get Subreddit Notifications

1. Click on Add Searcher

2. Insert a * into the Search String Field

3. Choose post, comments or both

4. Choose when you would like to receive email notifications. Daily in the morning, or instantly when the selected match happens.

5. Now insert the Subreddits you want to get notifications for. Note that you must select at least one. Also note that the subreddit names are case-sensitive. Though I will be fixing that soon.

So that is how you can now use Notifier for Reddit to get Subreddit Notifications for new posts, comments, or both for all your favorite Subreddits!

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