Getting New Users for Your Product or Service by Leveraging Social Listening on Reddit


One of the hardest things to do when building a new product is to find cheap and effective channels to market your product.

Luckily, Notifier is here to help you out with that.

Create a Searcher

As an example, I’m going to create a new Searcher with the text tool AND digital widgets. What this is going to do is it’s going to key off whenever there is a post or comment on Reddit with a text tool and also the text digital widgets in it. I’m going to select both for Post/Comments, I don’t want case Sensitivity and I want to get notified instantly if this search time occurs. I’m going to click Add and it’s active and ready.

Add Searcher page on Notifier for Reddit dashboard where you can add a Searcher and start getting new users for your product/service by leveraging social listening on Reddit

Now I’m going to pretend to be a customer and going to this self Reddit that I’ve created for this demo.

This is the email inbox showing the email notification and details one will receive whenever a match is found from either comment or post on Reddit

I’m going to post a new post. And now let’s go back to our Gmail account and see if we have gotten notification of this and there it is – Your Searcher for “tool AND digital widgets” found a New Post!

And now if I got this on my email, I can easily respond back and market My Product or Tool.

I’m just gonna throw this in here – “Hey there! I a founder of AmazingProduct! We help you manage Digital widgets all day! I am not sure if this sub allows link but pm me and I will send you a link to our product.” and there’s the comment.

This is a post previously created using a test subreddit to show how to comment on a Reddit post

And now you have potentially marketed your tool to hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who will see this post and respond back to it.

Since this is Reddit, you’ve also not included your link by default but mention if the person messages you so you can give it to them.

Or perhaps even someone will respond back that links are fine in this subReddit and then you can just include the link.

But this is key because you do not want to seem spamming or like all you’re doing is promoting your product and not trying to help people.

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