Following a Reddit User by Using Notifier

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

We have added a great new feature to Notifier and that is the ability to follow a user and get notified whenever that Reddit user makes a post or comment.

Track your competitors

One great use case for this feature is being able to track one of your competitors on Reddit and gather intelligence on how they are using Reddit. Or perhaps even chime in with a link to your own product whenever they comment.

Follow reddit influencers in your niche to gain more customers

Another interesting use case would be to follow certain Reddit influencers in your niche and then just chime in on their posts.

What’s your use case!?

Be sure to reach out to us and let us know!

Now, on to the tutorial:

Let me get you a quick demo of this feature and exactly how it works.

As you can see, I am on the Notifier for Reddit dashboard. The first thing I’m going to do is create a new Searcher by clicking Add Searcher.

  • Match Type: Here I’m going to select follow a user
  • Reddit Username: I going to input our Reddit username which is NotifierForReddit
  • Posts/Comments: I want to get notified for both
  • Notification Type: I will keep as email
  • Include/Exclude Subreddits?: I’m not going to include or exclude any subreddits for this match but know that that is possible.
Add Searcher tab on Notifier for Reddit dashboard showing how to follow a user and get notified whenever a Reddit user makes a post or comment

We click on Add for the Searcher for it to be ready, searching and live on Reddit.

Searchers tab on Notifier for Reddit dashboard showing Searchers successfully added and where one can modify any Searchers previously created

Next, we go to Reddit and scroll down to the r/nfr_test subreddit that we created. Here is the post that I created earlier today, we into it and I’m going to just add a new comment.

A post previously created using a test subreddit to show how to make comments on a Reddit post

Finally, we go back to my inbox and the email should show up in just a few seconds that will say New comment by your followed user: “NotifierForReddit” and here is the notification email.

A notification email one will receive whenever a followed Reddit user makes a comment/post and which contains details and an instant click to view the post/comment directly on Reddit

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