Following a Reddit Post and Getting Notified of ALL new comments by Using Notifier

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Recently we’ve added a new feature to Notifier for Reddit that a lot of users have asked for. And as a lot of you know with Reddit when you make a comment on a post, you can get notified by the Reddit App whenever someone replies to your comment. However, there is no way to get notified of any new comment on that post and some of our users have been asking for that very functionality. Well now, Notifier for Reddit supports that functionality and I’m going to give you a quick demo of how that works. It’s pretty simple. And going to also talk about some features we’re going to be building on to this next.

So in order to add a followed post, I first have to know what post I want to follow. I’m going over to our test subreddit and as you can see, here is a post I made and I have done a lot of comments on. I’m going to copy the URL of that post, I’m going to go back to Notifier for Reddit dashboard and click on Add Searcher.

  • Match Type: I’m going to select follow a post
  • Post URL: Under the post URL, I’m going to paste in the URL of that post that I want to follow
  • Notification Type: My notification type for this demo is going to be email
Add Searcher page in Notifier for Reddit dashboard showing how to follow a Reddit post and get notified of all of its comments through email

I will click Add so it’s Active and searching. Now I’m going back to this Reddit post and I’m simply going to add a test comment.

A post previously created using a test subreddit to show how to make comments on a Reddit post

Then let’s go to our email and in a few seconds, we should see the notification that our followed post has a new comment. And there is, New comment on your followed post: “Test Post” and you can see how fast our Notifier for Reddit is. I think that was around 15 seconds and that is simply how this feature works.

Email inbox where message notification will appear when someone makes a new comment to a followed post

Now that brings me into what we are going to be adding on to this. The first thing we’re going to be adding on to this functionality is there will be a button in the emails whenever you get a notification for a traditional search match and it will say Follow this Post and when you click on that, it will immediately create a Searcher for you that allows you to follow that post from then on out. And we may even be building some additional functionality on top of some of those things later on so stay tuned for that.

The details of the email notification one will receive whenever a followed Reddit user makes a comment/post and which also allows an instant click to view the post/comment directly on Reddit

As always, also please let us know if there are any additional features that you all can think of that would really improve your experience and allow you to find the keywords that you’re searching for or maybe help market your products or even get feedback on existing products. If there’s an amazing feature you need, just reach out to us, let us know and we will get working on it.

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