Finding New Customers on Reddit for Your Accounting or Tax Service using Notifier

An Example

Say we are a CPA Firm looking for new Tax clients anywhere in the United States.

There are several approaches we could take.

Search for “Looking for Tax Advice” on all of Reddit


Search for “looking AND tax” on all of Reddit


Search for any mentions of “tax” in certain subreddits that customers who need tax advice might lurk in like dogecoin, stocks, wallstreetbets, personalfinance


Subreddits You may want to consider looking at:

Cryto and Investing Related

Why? Perhaps you can help people keep the government off their gains (or help them write off their losses)!? You tell me you’re the accountant. 🙂


If you need more subreddit ideas visit our reddit stats page:

Search for all new posts in certain highly relevant niche subreddits like r/tax and r/taxhelp

Subreddits we suggest you check out:


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