Finding Mentions of Apple and not apple

This is a true story but the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

A customer deleted his account.

We will call him Tim.

I reached out to Tim and said, “Hey Tim, cool name. Can I ask why you deleted your account?”

He said, “Hey fellow Tim! Well, I am looking for mentions of my Brand but I just kept getting a lot of noise about people eating apples all day.”

Ok enough of this story, as I think I have set the stage at this point.

Solutions for when your brand name is not unique

Here are some solutions:

1. Change you brand name. 🤣

This is a bit of a joke but it is a possible solution for some products that have just started out.

2. Use case sensitivity to search for “Apple” and not “apple”

This is not a perfect solution but it works. Rarely do people say “I am going to eat an Apple”.

Interestingly the iPhone actually does tend to autocorrect “apple” to “Apple” if I remember correctly. So, Tim C, this approach will not work for you.

3. Hire a Virtual Assistant

This is a fantastic approach. You can hire a Virtual Assistant on Upwork for $6-$10 an hour to screen all your matches to find the relevant ones for you. We have a great VA we work with that we found through upwork.

When they are not doing social listening I am sure they can handle plenty of other outreach tasks for you.

The great thing about this approach is that you can even train them to respond as you and fully “automate” your brand management or outreach efforts.

If you need ANY tips on hiring a VA on Upwork feel free to reach out to me.

4. Convince us to add a Human Screening Plan/option to Notifier.

We have considered adding another option/tier to our service where a human reviews and screens your results.

I don’t love this option as its more work for us to hire people to do it BUT if there is enough interest I think it could potentially work.

5. Let us know you are interested in our Brand Mentions AI feature.

There are rules in English to determine whether a string of text is talking about a brand vs talking about some more common inanimate object like an apple.

We have worked out these rules and are considering investing time in developing the code so you can indicate “this is a brand” and then we magically return to you only results that are most likely to be mentions of a brand.

You need to let us know you are interested in this though by clicking the button below (email optional)

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