Finding Deals on Reddit Using Notifier

Reddit is a great place to shop for deals! There are a lot of fantastic subreddits where helpful people post the deals they find for all kinds of different products!

The most popular one is definitely You can post any deal you have come across to it.

There are also other subreddits though that are for for posting deals on one specific type of product.

Here is a helpful list of all the deal related sites I have found:

Now, you have big problem though!

How are you going to have time to anything else but track all these great deals?

To find deal in these Subreddits you have to actively get on them every day and search manually for your deals. If you don’t find the deal in time then you can easily miss out on the deal!

Luckily, Notifier can help you with that!!

Notifier can be used to get alerted when a new deal is posted on Reddit!

Let me show you how.

1. First, create an account if you don’t already have one:

We only need your email address and then need you to confirm it.

If you don’t receive an email then check your spam filter and be sure to add us to your address book.

If you still can’t find the email, then:

2. Then, click on “Add Searcher”.

3. Enter, the search string you want to search for. I am looking for an Xbox One X deal, so I am just going to type in “Xbox One”.

4. Next I am going to select “Case Sensitivity” and set it to False as I don’t care about the capitalization.

5. For “Notification Interval” I am going to select instant as I want to be emailed the moment it happens!

6. Now this next part is key. I am now going to set it to only look in certain subreddits. So for “Only Specific/Exclude” I select “specific”. Then in the new text box that appears I type in “Deals”. If I had multiple subreddits I wanted to monitor then I would type in “Deals,SomeOtherSubreddit”.

And that’s it! I will get notified instantly via email of any new comments or posts in those subreddits that include the text Xbox One!


Have questions? Want to contact us?

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