Digital Marketing Strategies that every Accountant should Know in 2021

Managing a business is not a simple task. 

You will meet your share of ups and downs. Some days, your business will generate enormous profits, while on others, it will barely break even. 

If you have an accounting firm, you will better understand this tendency for a quick change in business revenue because you will likely be managing it for most of your clients. 

While most of your business revenue is directly related to the strategic ideas you implement when offering your services, a significant portion of it is also associated with your company’s popularity. 

We are not talking about the company’s popularity in terms of being well-known inside your circle of friends and acquaintances. Essentially, your accounting firm needs increased visibility and understanding of the services it offers. 

This level of visibility and awareness can obtain through promotion.

What is Digital Marketing for Accounting?

More specifically, digital marketing is a comprehensive strategy that you should examine when promoting your accounting firm

Digital marketing is a perfect term that refers to the practice of marketing a firm via digital channels. 

Digital marketing we’re referring to entirely focused on Internet and online marketing strategies.

Digital marketing’s face has shifted dramatically throughout the years. It is all about increasing audience reach via the Internet by optimizing content, talking with or connecting with the audience online, and analyzing each stage of the approach utilized. 

The benefit of digital marketing is that you do not need to make assumptions when making judgments. Instead, you can acquire analytical data for your promotion that will assist you in determining the success of the advertisement or digital marketing method. 

Not only can analytics assist in evaluating your effectiveness following the conclusion of a campaign, but it also assists in the planning process before the conclusion of a campaign by offering critical insights.

Digital marketing for accounting businesses is a must, not a luxury, if you want to stand out among the numerous professional accounting firms currently using digital marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Accounting Firms

If you’re asking why digital marketing is critical for accounting businesses, it frequently stated that it helps promote your business. 

However, how do you tell if the promotion was successful? 

It’s not only about brand recognition with digital marketing. 

Various other metrics can measure the effectiveness of a campaign, including an increased return on investment, a rise in the number of leads, and increased customer involvement on social media platforms.

An accountant’s online marketing strategy serves as a road map for how your accounting firm will promote and advertise to its target audience. Your strategy will detail who you wish to target, how you intend to contact them, and how much money you intend to invest.

While you can begin marketing to accountants without a strategy, developing one in advance will assist maximize your success. 

You’ll have a trail plan for what you want to do and how you want to accomplish it, which will aid in day-to-day campaign management.

5 digital marketing trends for Accountants

Let’s examine five proven strategies for accountant digital marketing:

1. Create an enlightening website

Individuals and businesses alike want to learn about an accountant before entrusting them with their financial information, and many turn to the Internet for that information. 

A well-designed, beautiful website will inform customers of everything they need to know about your business.

Your website should contain information about your academic background, certifications, experience, and areas of specialization. 

Additionally, it should incorporate interactive capabilities that enable current and prospective clients to contact you via email or social media. Most importantly, it should have content that illustrates your competence to assist customers with tax and accounting concerns.

What services have you rendered to past clients? How do you handle tax season and other difficult situations? How would you respond to the most often asked questions about accounting? Include sections with this information on your website.

2. Create informative blog posts and articles

As previously said, prospective accounting clients want to ensure that the specialists they hire are competent. 

Of course, they can assume this from your qualifications, but presenting relevant data is considerably more beneficial.

By including blog posts and articles on your website as part of your accountant’s marketing plan, you have the opportunity to assist potential clients and demonstrate your expertise.

Write about subjects that you believe will be of interest to prospective clients and also show your areas of experience. 

Keep it updated frequently enough that visitors will return if you maintain your blog. If you prefer to write guest posts instead, select sites that you know attract the types of prospects you’re looking for. 

For example, corporate customers do not frequent the same websites as small enterprises or high net worth individuals.

3. Host webinars

Individuals and businesses require accounting services yet frequently turn to the Internet for information on self-help accounting. 

While blogs and articles might help address customer concerns, webinars give another dimension to their interactions with prospective service providers.

A one-hour webinar is an excellent way to communicate with prospective clients, establish your firm’s credibility, and generate further leads. They do, however, require that you carefully select your topic and audience.

Timing is also critical—a tax-related webinar, for example, would perform well between January and mid-April, but an estate planning webinar could create interest year-round.

Unlike live seminars, which occur only once, webinars can replay indefinitely, generating leads long after the event has concluded.

You can make your webinar replayable for a limited amount of time. Simply because someone could not attend the live webinar does not indicate they are uninterested in the content—or your firm.

Additionally, allowing replays enables you to enhance the value and effectiveness of this accountants marketing tactic.

4. Offer premium content

According to a recent survey of CPA firms, content marketing is the third most successful lead generating tactic for CPAs, trailing only industry associations and networking.

Of course, this means that you should be doing it—but also that your competitors are almost certainly already doing it.

While we strongly advise you to maintain a blog and publish valuable posts on your site, you may want to consider delivering premium content as well. But, again, this should have a long shelf life and tailored to the market you’re attempting to penetrate.

For instance, as one of your accounting firm’s marketing techniques, you might consider writing an eBook on one of your areas of expertise or offering a digital workbook that assists clients with their accounting.

While this content will take longer to create, it may also provide you with an opportunity to request something in exchange. For example, we give free marketing guides on our site, but some of the greatest are only accessible to visitors who submit their email address.

One email address may seem insignificant in exchange for a resource that took days to compile but consider this: Once you’ve written and published the content, it can remain on your site indefinitely. And, if it gets successful enough, it will continue to attract downloads on its own.

5. Use Social Media

Numerous businesses wrongly believe that social media reserve for firms seeking to appear light-hearted and enjoyable to their customers. Accounting firms can use them in particular to:

  • Increase customer awareness
  • Create new leads and income streams
  • Boost customer retention
  • Consolidate their brand positioning
  • Extend the reach of existing marketing campaigns

Your accounting firm can perform the same thing.

Social media marketing is an ideal platform for boosting traffic, responding to client inquiries, and differentiating your business from competitors.  

Digital marketing services for accountants

For accountants, digital marketing entails a variety of techniques and tasks. You must manage various channels, tasks, and team members, which is impossible if you are marketing your accounting firm in different capacities.

However, an online marketing agency can assist accounting businesses and accountants in implementing these marketing methods.

 Some of the digital marketing services include the following:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media advertising
  • Web design
  • Content marketing
  • Video marketing and more


The accounting firm marketing strategies outlined above might assist you in establishing your firm online and attract prospective clients’ attention.

Digital marketing for accounting firms is critical, if not crucial, in today’s world of mass digital consumption. 

Digital marketing is sure to attract more attention to your accounting firm than traditional marketing. Therefore, stop deliberating and contact a digital marketing agency today.


Elena Smith from  QuickBooks Hosting services