Can you See who views your Twitter Profile?

Managing social media accounts, especially if you have a business or professional account, may be difficult. In recent years, Twitter has grown to become one of the most popular microblogging and social media platforms, with practically all major brands, organizations, and individuals using it. If you don’t use Twitter to obtain your daily dose of news and updates these days, you must have been living under a rock.

Getting followers is difficult enough, but keeping track of them is even more difficult. To create content that attracts followers to your profile, you must first identify which posts are warmly accepted by your followers and which posts are not.

You can receive notifications when someone likes, retweets, or follows your posts.

However, there is no official way of knowing when your Twitter profile has been viewed.

While Twitter does provide certain insights if you activate Analytics features such as profile views, retweets, and likes, there are few to no ways to find out who viewed your Twitter profile.

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Do the browser extensions and other services work?

Some browser extensions claim to identify who has viewed your Twitter profile, but this is almost always a ruse to steal your personal information for commercial purposes. It is not recommended to use such extensions.

There are also third-party services out there that aren’t browser extensions, but they nonetheless oversell their capabilities. These services all connect to Twitter’s API and can send you notifications when you acquire or lose followers, as well as when someone mentions you. However, this isn’t the same as knowing who has viewed your profile or a specific Tweet.

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