Amazing Examples of Companies Using Reddit to Connect with Their Customers

Reddit gets a lot of hate from digital marketers who think that it’s not an effective channel for Digital Marketing.

What they don’t realize though is that Reddit is the MOST effective channel for digital marketing. They just don’t know how to use it.

We are going to be updating this blog post with Amazing Examples we find on Reddit from companies who are using it properly to connect with their Customers, build a loyal following, and to ethically market their product!

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If you’re not familiar with Supernote it’s a very cool product for taking notes on.

And this company KNOWS how to use Reddit properly. They use it as channel to communicate with their customers and to let their customers communicate back with them.

They communicated a product delay to their customers via Reddit:

Customers and potential customers responded very positively to this honest and upfront communication by the company:

Another example:

And Another example:


Rewardful is an easy to use and launch affiliate program for Stripe Customers. We are actually evaluating them for our new affiliate program that we are working on.

One of their founders is definitely aware of the value of Reddit and he obviously patrols the Stripe subreddit. I actually found this by searching google for “rewardful affiliate reddit

And this is what I always say about the incredible value of Reddit for marketing. Google loves to Index reddit results. The comments you make using a tool like ours, Notifier, will come back to you tenfold.

And look also at the classiness of his answer. He doesn’t bash his competitors. Connects with the customer and lets them know they can reach out to him for further info. Love it. We need to try to get this guy to use Notifier. 🙂

You can check out his Reddit profile to see more examples of him connecting with customers.


So OneUp is a great new social media scheduling tool that we have started using to replace SocialPilot.

We found them from one of our own Searchers for “Social Listening”:

Yes, we use Notifier to market Notifier! 🙂

They were smartly connecting with customers and ethically marketing their product! Hopefully we can convince them to start using Notifier also! 🙂

You can also see us chiming in and gently recommending ourselves as a complimentary product. We also tried out their product and are now using it. Will be writing a detailed review here in the next week or so.

This is how you build a brand and how you can compete with and even destroy larger companies

And this is exactly how you can build a brand online by using  Reddit as it should be used. As a channel to connect with your customers. 

Customers respond incredibly positively too honest companies trying their best to connect them with amazing products that solve problems in their lives.

Keep in mind this is also the way you can compete with older Enterprise companies. I have a lot of experience in this space and let me tell you large old companies cannot and never will be able to connect with their customers properly.  They just do not understand Social media and do not trust their own employees enough to allow them to use social media to connect with customers.

There are plenty of examples of older Enterprise companies using Twitter or something else to try to connect with customers and the end results are always the same. It becomes just another channel into their broken customer service system.   Larger Enterprise companies do not understand that customer service is actually a key part of your product development cycle.  

Want to know what to build next? Talk to your customers.

Want to know how customers feel about your product? Talk to them.

Want to validate a new product or idea? Talk to your customers.

We think leveraging social listening properly is an amazingly powerful way to help you build a brand and connect with your customers.

 This is another reason why we advise all companies that want to build their brand on Reddit and set up a Subreddit  specifically for their company.

Then we advise you to set up a Searcher to get notified of every new post and comment in that subreddit.

You will be amazed by how much time you can save by leveraging our platform to watch Reddit for you while you focus on building your product!

Get Notified when keywords you care about are mentioned on Reddit, Twitter and so much more!

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