A Review of htmlemail.io’s Responsive HTML Email Templates

We had been using the same HTML email template for years on Notifier. At this point I am not even sure where I originally found the template.

Regardless, the main problem I had with the template is that it did not look good on mobile:

I also just didn’t like the look of it in general.

And finally we had customers complaining about having issues with emails showing up looking strange on some email clients like Outlook desktop.

Htmlemail.io to the rescue

I had heard about htmlemail.io a few months before from doing a random Google search for something like “responsive html email templates”.

The site and product looked slick and after doing a bit of research I filed it away in my head to try it soon. Soon came last week and we decided to try it out after doing some modifications to the code base that handles our email alerts!

The Pricing

We purchased the $49 Single Project License mainly because I didn’t know how the templates would turn out and I didn’t need the UI verions or the Sass/SCSS files.

The Purchase Process

The purchase process went smoothly and htmlemail.io uses gumroad to fulfill its orders.

If I were being nitpicky I would complain that the email that I got after purchase didn’t point me to any instructions. A google search led me to these instructions in a Github Repo Here.

The Templates

The templates looked great to me! We settled on using their “success alert” template as the template for our instant alert emails.


Implementation was very easy and took very little time. You can see the end result here:

And here it is on mobile:

Things look perfect!

And here is the feedback from our customer:


So, in summary we highly recommend the email templates from htmlemail.io! They were easy to purchase, implement, and the end result has been great!

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