6 Powerful Ways Social Listening Helps You Find Leads

Would you like to find leads for your business? 

No marketer will ever say no to that!

How about using social listening to do so? 


But you’re not aware how? Or even if you are, you are unable to find more leads with your social media strategy. 

First let’s get this question out of the way: true or false? Social listening can help you find leads? 

Well, yes it absolutely can and in this article, we’ll walk you through the 6 powerful ways social listening can help you find leads!

What is Social Listening?

We can all agree that social media has not remained just a communication and fun tool but it is being used to start and scale businesses. Social media users today are your potential customers. 

Social listening is a way for marketers to find those potential customers and learn about them. Social listening helps brands to find out their interests and pain points.  

It allows marketers to follow trends and topics related to their industry and keep an eye out for potential business opportunities. 

Social listening tools like Notifier allow you to track keywords and topics related to your business and industry to draw useful insights. 

These insights can then be used to form marketing and business strategies, improve customer service, enhance products or services, engage in crisis management, and improve overall business operations among other things. 

But how can social listening help you find leads?

Let’s find out below:

1. Helping Develop Buyer Personas

To find leads for your business, the first thing is to find out who they are and where they are hanging out online. Unless you know your customers, you can’t really connect with them and this is where social listening steps in to help you out. 

Your potential customers are talking about their problems online, seeking product recommendations, exchanging reviews, and much more. Now, you probably have the solution to their problem but you’re unable to reach them because you don’t know their behaviors, interests, and buying patterns. 

Tracking keywords and mentions across platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Facebook among others through social listening tools like Notifier you can gain valuable insights and develop buyer personas to market your product to them. 

Among other things, this will also help you find out the language and tone of your potential customers, the kind of content they are engaging in, and the sentiment behind their conversations online. All of this can help you market your product to them in a better way. 

2. By Discovering New Market Opportunities 

When you search trends and hashtags online through social listening, the insights can help reveal new market opportunities and trends in real-time. Your customers have opinions and feedback that they are often sharing online on different forums and social media websites. By targeting the right keywords you can unlock new business opportunities, find leads and lead them through your sales funnel to convert. 

3. Through Competitor Analysis

Through social listening, you can track your competition and their conversations to find new leads. By competitor analysis, you can set a benchmark for yourself as well as use those insights to generate content ideas and find leads. 

The idea to use social listening for competitor analysis is not to badmouth or defame your competition but understand prospective customers and offer your expertise for a given topic where you can.  

4. By Improving Customer Experience 

Better customer service can lead to stronger customer relationships and you can find out what your customers are saying about you by listening to them online and engaging with them. Engaging with your customers online can help you learn more about your product and services and how they are received by your target audience. It gives you the opportunity to fill the gaps in service and not leave a trail of unhappy customers behind as you move forward in your journey. 

You can fix your mistakes by interacting with your customers online, offering a solution, apologizing, or just explaining a situation. Customers love it when brands are receptive to their complaints and feedback and there’s a chance they may still hang around with you instead of finding alternatives. 

5. By Monitoring Your Brand Conversations 

Your customers are talking about your brand online, whether by mentioning your name or not and social listening helps in this situation in a variety of ways. You can thank and acknowledge those who like your service/product. You can win over those who are dissatisfied and you can convert those customers who are in the midst of making a decision to buy or not. 

Sometimes your customers online can also talk about you by misspelling your name in which case your social accounts get no notifications. In all such scenarios, social listening through tools like Notifier helps brands identify all such conversations online on different platforms. When you know the conversation you can participate. 

6. By Engaging the Right Influencers 

Influencer marketing is rapidly increasing and if you want your brand at the forefront, a good way is to engage the right influencers to promote and educate about it. Social listening can help you identify the right influencers to market your brand, spread awareness, and thus generate leads. 

Social media helps you find the right match when you search for niche-specific keywords. You can then scrutinize their content and engagement to find out whether they are a good match. You can also find brand ambassadors in your customers who already may be talking about you online after using your product. You can engage them as well. 

There is immense value in social listening and the analytics derived through it. It helps you unlock a lot of potential leads by searching for the right keywords and industry terms. It is indeed true that social listening helps find leads and if you are not using it, you can start with your Notifier free trial today!