🚀 Making 5k a Month by Sourcing Leads Using an Instagram Searcher

One thing that continually amazes me with Notifier is the ingenuity of my customers.

Many of you are just amazingly creative markers.

I learned recently about something one our customers is doing to generate 5k a month already by finding leads on Instagram. We will call him Kevin so as not to reveal his name (which would lead to revealing his niche).

Kevin knew the power of Instagram hashtags

Kevin reached out to me and wanted to know more about the Instagram Searchers. Instagram doesn’t allow us to search through their entire platform like sites like Reddit and Twitter do. Instead they allow us to send them a hashtag like #love and then we get back all the latest results for that hashtag.

To be honest I had thought this was a bit useless. But Kevin was smarter.

I am not going to reveal Kevin’s niche because that wouldn’t be cool. But he found a particular hashtag that his ideal target customer always mentioned. Unlike me Kevin realized that hashtags are in some ways more valuable than words because they carry much more meaning.

How to find hashtags

Let’s pretend that Kevin is creating a Product that he thinks would be valuable to food related influencers.

Kevin already follows a few people that he thinks would love his Product and so he starts to look daily at what they are posting. Then he notices that they always post with the #FoodBlogger hashtag.

They do this because they want to generate traffic for themselves and Kevin can use this to zero in on them.

Creating an Instagram Searcher

Kevin then setup an Instagram Searcher.

The way you access the Instagram API is actually through Facebook. Strangely, Facebook requires that you have both an Instagram Business Account and a Facebook Page that the Instagram account is conncted to.

(I am going to be making a whole video soon on how to do this)

Then Kevin entered the Search String “FoodBlogger” so he can be notified of mentions of the hashtag #FoodBlogger.

Notice that the # sign is not needed.

From there Kevin set back and waited for the results to come in. You can see here what it looks like when following mentions of the hashtag #love below.

When a new result came in he would click on “View” and then go check out who was posting it.

This allowed Kevin to identify tons of new leads for his Product! He’s up to 5k a month from this approach and growing!

DM tips from Kevin

I asked Kevin if he has any tips for anyone else on reaching out to people on Instagram. He said the best approach is not to just straight up DM them. He said to follow them and then start consistently commenting on their posts to build up a rapport first. In some cases they actually reach out to him after seeing mentions of his Product on his profile.

In other cases he waits and then DMs them at the right time.

That’s it!

Be sure to keep me informed on what amazing results you get with our Instagram Searchers. I will be sure to follow up with Kevin in a few months and we can see how he’s doing then! 🚀