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Why use Notifier ?

Listen for mentions of your own brand or product.

This would have been the perfect time for Discord to chime in and let the customer know they are listening to feedback. Then they can get that valuable feedback over to their product team so they can consider improving the app design.

Listen for keywords your potential customers might mention.

We setup a Searcher for “social listening” and
then chimed in when opportunities presented

Listen for mentions of your competitors.

I setup Searchers for all our competitors in order to
monitor what they do wrong and chime in when
appropriate to recommend our product.

Listen to validate ideas.

For example, say you are thinking of starting your own VPN service.

It would be negligent not to use social listening
to search for related keywords in order to understand potential problems that are opportunities for you and even uncover competitors you knew nothing about.

Platforms We Support:

Social and Search
Hacker News
Any RSS Feed
Google Search
Pinterest - Coming Soon
Baidu - Coming Soon
Bing - Coming Soon
TikTok - Coming Soon
Media and News
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post

How it works

With Notifier you create Searchers.

You can think of them as your own personal robot that constantly checks Reddit (and other Social Media Sites) for you! The moment it detects a match it either emails you immediately or stores the result to send to you in a summary email!

Step 1

Choose a Searcher type and the platforms it should support

  • We support too many platforms to list and we are always adding new ones!
  • If you would like other platforms to be supported please request one in the section above this.

Step 2

Choose how we should alert you

  • We support alerts via Email (including a new plaintext email option) as well as webhooks, Slack, and more coming soon! Just let us know which are most important to you.

Step 3

Choose when you want your alerts to happen

  • You can receive your alerts instantly via email or in a daily summary email.
  • We suggest daily results to avoid clutting your inbox.

Step 4

Enter what to search for

  • Note that we support simple string matching (With booleans also supported) And we even support regular expression (regex) matching!

Step 5

Select certain platform specific options

  • For Reddit you can choose to find only post or comments or both. You can include or exclude certain subreddits.
  • Finally, you can ignore posts and comments from a certain user (many user this to exclude their own replies).
  • For Hacker News you can choose what specific type of hacker news item you want to search in or you can simply select all.

Step 6

Wait for your results and then browse them

  • As your results come in you can browse through to favorite them, delete results, and view them on their respective platform.


I'm launching an app and Notifier has already been very helpful in catching reddit posts, generating 30 or so downloads on my first day using it (yesterday).
- Pat at
The software is very potent. It picks out the very little details one needs from a listening tool. Nothing gets better than this.
Your user support is stunning. The only other company I've known to be as good as yours on that front is Beeminder.
- Notifier user
I'm still that insane founder who will troll Reddit and look for mentions of 'rental car', 'car rental', our competitors, etc. to pipe in and let people know there's a website out there that digs deeper and finds you a better deal. Notifier has been invaluable in this regard.
- Jonathan, Founder of AutoSlash
Notifier was super important to me in order to monitor what was being said about my website (good and bad) and respond quickly to any further questions that could arise.
- Bruno Brito,
Cool project! You've got a new customer. I tested out a comment and got a notification in less than a minute. I set up the same search with f5bot and haven't received any notification (5 mins and counting).
- mtlynch on Reddit


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How PES MyClub Guide Used Notifier to Market Their Website, Manage Feedback, and Build a Following

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Notifier is a tool for getting notified when keywords you care about our mentioned on Social Media. It is developed by a small team out of Houston, Texas. For more information about the people behind the tool reach out to us at: [email protected].


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Notifier privacy policy

The privacy of your data is a big deal to us. We’ll only ever access your account to help you with a problem or squash a software bug.

Identity & access

When you sign up for Notifier, we ask only for your email address. The only other data we store about you is what you are searching for on Reddit and we take steps to make sure its obsfucated so we cannot easily see what you are searching for when we are manually examining the database like when troubleshooting.

When you pay for Notifier, we ask for your credit card and billing address. That’s so we can charge you for service, calculate taxes due, and send you invoices. Your credit card is passed directly to our payment processor and doesn’t ever go through our servers. We store NO records about your credit card and let our payment processor handle everything.

When you write Notifier with a question or to ask for help, we’ll keep that correspondence, and the email address.

The only times we’ll ever share your info:

  • To provide products or services you’ve requested, with your permission.
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